45 Ft shipping Container


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The 45 ft shipping container is a large and versatile cargo container designed for the transportation and storage of goods across various modes of transportation, including ships, trains, and trucks. It is an extended version of the standard 40 ft shipping container, providing additional space for accommodating larger or more voluminous cargo.

Key Features:

1. Size and Dimensions:
The 45 ft shipping container typically measures approximately 45 feet in length, 8 feet in width, and 9.5 feet in height. It offers a generous internal volume, making it suitable for transporting a wide range of goods.

2. Construction:
These containers are constructed from durable and weather-resistant materials, such as high-quality steel, ensuring the protection of the cargo from external elements and harsh environmental conditions during transit.

3. Cargo Capacity:
With a substantial internal capacity, the 45 ft container can hold a larger quantity of goods compared to standard-sized containers. This makes it ideal for transporting bulkier or more extensive shipments.

4. Cargo Door Accessibility:
The container is equipped with cargo doors at one end, which facilitate easy loading and unloading of goods. These doors are secured with heavy-duty locking mechanisms to ensure the safety and security of the cargo during transportation.

5. Intermodal Compatibility:
The 45 ft shipping container is designed to be compatible with various intermodal transport systems. It can be seamlessly transferred from ships to trains to trucks, ensuring a smooth and efficient logistics process.

6. Versatility:
Due to its spacious interior, the 45 ft container is highly versatile and can accommodate a wide range of cargo types, including machinery, vehicles, furniture, construction materials, and more.

7. Customization:
These containers can be modified and customized to meet specific cargo requirements. Optional features such as ventilation, insulation, interior fittings, and special coatings can be added based on the nature of the cargo being transported.

8. Cost-Effectiveness:
Despite being larger than standard containers, the 45 ft container offers a cost-effective solution for transporting bulk cargo. It maximizes the use of available shipping space, leading to potential cost savings for businesses.


The 45 ft shipping container finds various applications across industries, including:

– International Shipping: It is commonly used for ocean freight, facilitating the transportation of large quantities of goods between different countries and continents.

– Warehousing: The container serves as a temporary or long-term storage solution, enabling businesses to store excess inventory or equipment securely.

– Construction and Project Cargo: It is suitable for transporting heavy machinery, construction materials, and oversized equipment to remote or challenging locations.

– Retail and Trade: Businesses involved in large-scale import/export or retail operations often use 45 ft containers to transport goods efficiently.

Overall, the 45 ft shipping container is a reliable and practical choice for businesses and industries requiring a larger cargo capacity for their transportation and storage needs.